Thursday, 7 June 2012

Collaborative Story : The final PART

Read the part before this from Ameleigh`s Blog  here  

I begin to scream but nothing literally nothing comes out of my mouth. It feels like I’m falling but not in a good way like I’m falling to my death. I then begin to think this is all a dream. I’m bound to wake up sooner or later. A few seconds later I start to pinch myself actually anything that can try to wake me up. I try everything to pinching to punching and slapping myself. But nothing worked. I think to myself “I’m dead” now. I might as well lie down in mid air and pretend I’m dying I’m going to die anyway. I then start to notice my body is starting to disembark from each other. Body parts flying everywhere here there and surprisingly their all mine. But what really shocks me its not hurting at all, it still seems like I’m still in one piece. I then start to scream but this time I not only here mine but also my evil twins the same thing is happening to her. Our two screams is enough energy to blackout the whole of Manurewa Wonderland that’s only if I’m actually still there. But then something unbelievable happens the floating body pieces of start to change places my head is now where my belly button is and and my arms and legs start to change places. I yell to myself “this is madness, crazy madness”. But again it still doesn’t hurt. I then begin to see a light which blinds me and thought to myself “goodbye world , goodbye parents and mom I’m sorry it was me that actually pee’d on the floor. I begin to prepare into my death.

I see a light then black out. I start to dream and see pigs actually flying and cows actually jumping over the moon and a dog telling me to wake up.  All of a sudden, its a blur.
I then got startled by a big bang and soon  begin to rejoice cause I'm not dead but soon begin to check my body parts and quickly check every body part is where it is suppose to be. After a quick and thorough check I begin to wonder where I am? And the constant repeating question where my twin is and what does she want with me?
The thought of this keeps giving me a headache.My buzz soon ends as I begin to roam the halls of this place. I then stare at a wall with lots of newspaper clippings, with my jaw hanging down looking like it’s broken. 
I read the title in shock “Zombie Apocalypse Virus Sends Paris Down”. Oh My god I’m in the future. At that point my I hear zombies trying to beat down the door. But at least it’s a double proxy door, what’s the worse the worse that could happen. I was wrong just then the doors begin to crack. I suddenly hear a loud boom and just then my twin rolls down the hall with a flying tractor that speeds up to 120km an hour. She yells “get on, unless you want to be food”. I did not hesitate and climbed on and not a split second after the glass broke. Zombies running everywhere trying to eat our brains acting like crazy mentally challenged people. But luckily we flew off just in time.

We had a whole lot of talking to do, but getting away from the Zombies is this story getting to know my twin, finding all the answers to my questions and finding out what caused this and why is whole totally different story.



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