Sunday, 29 July 2012

Olympic's Greatest Moment

The most memorable moment in Olympic history was on September 19th of the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, Korea. Greg Louganis was into his 4th day of the 3 meter springboard competition. Leading the competition in the 11 dive springboard event. He was on his 9th dive when he cracked his head while trying to attempt a reverse 2 and1/2 somersault pike. He falls awkwardly into the water whilst the medical teams come and wait for him to emerge from the water. He emerges soon after and says to the medical team just temporary stitch it up I've got to more dives. 35 minutes after the crashing into the water he gets two temporary stitches and completes his last two dives. Shortly after his finishing of the event he is taken to hospital to get 5 stitches to last him the rest of the Olympic games. And surprisingly he still manages to snag gold with 740.80 and takes out first place. 

 I admire his determination and perseverance to finish the event despite his injury on his head. I reckon this is a great example of a person who never gives up in order to reach his goal.
I think this is not the greatest but one the most memorable things that has happened in the Olympic Games. 


Melissa said...

That's pretty gruesome!

Is there footage on You Tube?
Reference where you got your info from.

Angelo said...

the video surprisingly wasn't that gruesome..

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