Tuesday, 29 May 2012

3 Day Episodes

What would you call it?
I would call my 3 day episode "Movie-Marathon"
What would you do each day?
On each day there would be a certain type of genre (eg horror or comedy etc).
But how to choose a genre is the hardest part of all because different people want different genres so my idea to choosing the genre is to put all the different types of genres in a hat and a student picks a genre and that is the theme for the movie for that day.
But on day 3 it is possible that a trip could be involved going to the cinema to watch a movie.

But at the end of the day there will be quiz to test the students knowledge of the movies.
And there will be a prize for those students who get the most questions right.

Is there a trip?
Possibly to the cinema or other movie place.

How much does it cost?
Students will need to bring at least $20 to pay for cinema ticket plus bus fare for transport. Extra money is optional for food.

On the other 2 days Students are free to bring their own food.
Students are also welcome to bring in movies from home.

What independent learning qualities will people develop?

-Thinking- When answering the quiz questions.
-Joy - When watching movie.
-Caring- For those students who share food;D and when cleaning up the mess at the end of the day to show caring for the environment


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