Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Inspiring teacher

I decided to type my home learning...

I honestly think the teachers i got this year are excellent teachers. Its so hard to choose to write about one. But... 
I nominate my tutor teacher Mrs Petero as the most inspiring teacher.

The reasons why:

First off she is my tutor teacher, shes kind, nice and funny . She does everything a normal tutor teacher does but does it in a fun but in an educational way. Shes a role model to us students and is always showing the 10 independent qualities.

Shes enthusiastic and is always happy. The best thing about my tutor teacher is supportive and helps you to achieve the best in you. She keeps us on track and is always checking up on us. Shes always encouraging us to try our best at everything and to give everything ago even though we may not be good at it.
Having a tutor teacher like her is possibly the best thing. She is different to other learning leaders and truly inspiring .She is not only inspirational but also one of the best teachers at Alfriston college.


Melissa said...

I sent her the link to this :)

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