Tuesday, 4 September 2012


I stand in front of the mirror lost in it's presence,
Wondering what is my life purpose,
I stare deeper into the clear glossy mirror,
I ask myself why?
I see myself dying.

In the mirror I see my life, 
Happiness and living the perfect life,
All dreams coming true,
I see a strong and fearless man,
A man who could have everything he ever wanted,
A happy ending

In the mirror I see pain and sorrow,
Death and tragedy,
Re-living the past,
Remembering the unwanted,
I see my misery,

In the mirror I see my reflection,
Bold and True,
But disappointment fills my eyes,
Only seeing myself,
A sad and lonely boy who is trying to find himself in this world.


Melissa said...

Great poem. I entered it in the competition for you.

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