Monday, 2 April 2012


Well term 1 has been interesting. It had its ups and downs but anyways it has been pretty fun. I actually think I excelled in most of my classes(i think i did, lets hope) but honestly i feel like i could've done better and worked harder. A minus is that this year I have a few teachers who don't explain the class tasks properly and I'm not actually learning anything in those classes(don't worry miss your not one of them). Another minus is that I'm getting a lot more distracted then usual, and this is preventing me from working to my potential. But on the brighter side i think this term has gone extremely fast and surprisingly I've enjoyed most of term 1  and can't wait for term 2 to start.


Melissa said...

Please speak up if I become one of the teachers that doesn't explain stuff.
You do get distracted a lot - too much talking. You need to learn to multi task, make sure the pen is moving on the page writing answers while you're talking.
I've enjoyed getting to know you a little this term :)
Have a good holiday!

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