Monday, 19 March 2012

Humanitarian Issue

The thought of "what if the world population doubled"? has always crossed my mind so i did a little research and found out that:

On earth right now there is approximately over 7 billion people on this earth right now. 45 years ago the worlds population had only approximately 3.5 billion people that's half of ours today. The united nations believe that by 2050 the worlds population will rise to 8.91 billion people on earth.

If the worlds population did double food would become a shortage because there would be twice as many people consuming food everyday. The demand for food would also increase because of the population overload. Everything would be a shortage and the prices for food would dramatically increase because of the want for food. Eventually food would become a scarce thing and soon the government would want to have a limit per family. In some cases a lot of people would eventually die because of the shortage of food.

A good thing about this is that there would be more jobs because of the population more houses,malls and schools would need to be built to fit the population. But a bad thing is that 100 trees are needed to make one wooded framed house which means we would lose a lot of oxygen as trees give us oxygen. It would also harm the endangered species of animals as it would destroy their habitats.

Water would also be a shortage because you need water to live right?You cant live without it. This would mean water would go out very quickly because their would be twice as many people drinking and people need at least 8 cups of water a day. And an normal household uses about 870 litres of water a day imagine 14 billion people using that much water everyday.

If the world actually doubled the population electricity would very dangerous. As there is about 14 billion people on the planet more power plants will be needed to built in order to match the peoples needs. But to much electricity or an overload can be very deadly. With alot of electricity pollution would be increased because of the toxics released from the power plants.

So what if the population did double all these things would happen but according to research the worlds population is growing not shrinking which could mean this could happen in the future.



Melissa said...

Interesting piece!

I think they would stop making typical houses and there would be way more apartment type buildings.
Maybe they would even recycle waste water in treatment plants. it is interesting to think about - you could always write a piece about ideas to help the earth cope with an increased population size :)

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