Monday, 13 February 2012

holiday homework essay thing .

During my holidays I went to the United States of America. There could be a lot of things I could write about but that would take me forever so I chose one thing to write about and that was going the magical world of Disney Land.

So the day started off with waking up at 6:30 in the morning. We had to wake up that early because Disney Land was a hour away. We were lucky the weather was good because it was not to hot and it was not gonna rain. So when everyone was ready we hoped in the car and soon we were off. The car ride was rather boring and really long. The ride seemed liked forever but finally we were there.

So usually a 13 year old guy wouldn't be to excited going to Disneyland but I was. Our first ride was the carrousel because my younger brother wanted to go on it and he couldn't exactly go on the bigger rides. So after going on a few childish rides we were finally going to go on the bigger rides. But you know what the worst thing was we were waiting in line for like an hour and the rides are only 1-2 minutes long. But oh well. But my favourite ride was Space Mountain. Space Mountain is an indoor high speed roller coaster.The best part of all is watching the night parade and seeing all the fireworks being blown at night.


Melissa said...

Jealous - I'm way older than 13 and I would be super excited to go to Disney Land. I bet you had an awesome holiday!
Watch your use of capitals- there are a few 'i' in there that need to be 'I'.
Glad you got your homework done and figured out blogger. It's also cool the you were able to put a link and picture in your post :)

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